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We have learned many good techniques/practices to cleansing our different Kosh & also worked on different mudras. Enjoyed the natural environment like bath, fresh air and sleeping outside at roof. From morning till evening busy in improving self by soil bath, hydro therapy, sun bath,breathing techniques & different types of meditations. We’ll be very much thankful to respected Parbhat jee for all this. Our sincere thanks to Mrs Parbhat, she came specially to meet all of us.
Our best wishes to Prabhat Sir.


Aisa anubhav hua ki jaise pahli bar dharti Maa ki god Mein so rahe hain aur hamen maa pyar se apne god mein dular rahi hai.vahan se nikalne ka man nahin hota
Om dhvni sunte waqt mujhe jo anubhav hua hai wo Shabdon ke pare hai,yakeenan aap sabbhi agar batai hui batein follow karenge to avashya Anubhuti hogi.
Thankyou sir

Sangeeta Lal

Sangeeta Lal

Hi Readers! This was my first spiritual step ever, when I reached the ashram, my happiness knew no bounds. Trees all around, very positive and secure feeling. Prabhat Ji is a humble soul. Starting our day with “Soil Bath”, where we helped each other sleep in the arms of Mother Earth, what an inexpressible feeling. Experienced TRUE HAPPINESS, then followed by “Salt water Bath” it is a feeling where all the rivers and Ocean meet, again very soothing and giving eternal happiness. Then followed teachings on meditation, specially “Om meditation”, you see all come to seek happiness but it is your eternal soul which can witness it. WORDS FALL SHORT to express one’s ANUBHUTI “the experience”.
I recommend everyone to be here and be a soul part and if not you see God, you would know you are on the right track.
If you believe in miracle or magic, talisman (holy thread) THIS is not a place for you. The Road to ANUBHUTI is not easy but once you start walking, you will never know how long you have reached. Food is great, all our comrades are very helpful to each other, Gauri the Cow provides motherly milk and we have Laado the calf to play with & most important is the key person Harinder Bhaiya who takes care of our food, little strict but down to earth, fields all around you, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Bye….I will be waiting for your fair review.

Bhaskar Raj Lal

Bhaskar Raj Lal
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