Satya Dhaam Farms ,Bulandsehar

Kiran Usha

We attended the Anubhuti program from 10th June to 19th June 2023. It was a great experience-like cleansing the Annmaya kosh by following Intermittent fasting-cooked food once a day, maximum intake of raw food, cow’s milk and butter milk from the cow in the Ashram. We got great experiences during meditation like Om meditation, pyramid meditation, Shambhavi dhyan and much more. Also done different mudras-like Samaan mudra, Kaki mudra etc, clapping session, Tree hugging and many more. Also we enjoyed the natural living environment-fields all around, fresh unpolluted air, fresh water etc. It was great to start the day with soil bath, salt water bath, Sun bath, Ghat pooja etc. There was a peaceful, spiritual and friendly environment in the Ashram, moreover got a lot of Gyan ,care and affection from respected Prabhat ji for which we are very grateful and thankful. With a lot of blessings to you Sir.
Thanks a lot 🙏